Charter Boat Fishing

Once you visit Destin and spend some time on the sugar white sands and emerald green waters, you’ll notice that Mother Nature seems to have spent a little more time on this area of the country. But the beauty isn’t just on the surface! Destin’s underwater topography is just as unique, and the relatively shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico coastline drastically drop off a mere 12 miles from shore at the famed “100-fathom curve”. A look at any nautical map will show you that Destin’s quick access to the deepest depths of the Gulf is unique to the area. Nearby ports are not nearly as lucky and the trip from shore to deep water takes much longer from other locations. Because various species of fish live at different depths, what this means for Destin fishermen is that they can reach all depths of fishable water for every Gulf species quicker that in any other location along the Gulf.

But maybe “deep-sea fishing” isn’t your thing. Not to worry: Destin offers plenty of opportunities for inshore fishing as well! The Choctawhatchee Bay boasts miles of coastline and abundant marine life for fishing the flats and shallows. You can rent or charter a boat for a day and find more fishing spots that you could fish in a lifetime.